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By Fred Pig



Fred Pig and Friends live in a small town in the north of England

They always thought their lives were normal and perhaps not so interesting


Until a young reporter moved to their town to take a job on the local newspaper


Talking to Fred Pig, Linda Horse and their friends he realized how interesting

their lives are and decided to form Jug Magazine and tell the stories of their adventures.



To them the area where they lived just looked normal it had always looked that way, to the young reporter

it all looked unique and they were the products of it


Occasionally on the weekends they had the opportunity to ride cross country motorbikes they thought this

was exciting but the young reporter saw things differently



The young reporter saw there adventures as the equal of any characters any where in the world




However there was a side of the of there lives at this stage he knew nothing about. It involved their science teacher Doctor Rutherford. Doctor Rutherford had moved to the town some 25 years ago he was a brilliant scientist whose aim was to inspire young people to take up and try to understand and appreciate mathematics and science.

Mathematics is the language of the Universe he used to say.

In his large Edwardian house he had many interesting machines and apparatus, he had invented him self


Below is two pages from a visit they made to Doctor Rutherford's house he is explaining his theories on time

and offers to show them his time machine.

We are not at liberty to show the rest of this story on this web site


You will have to read the book The Stories of Fred Pig and Friends




On this website are a number of pages from their adventures and

Fred Pigs school essay on Isaac Newton and a story Fred Pig drew about Fizzy Head.


There are more examples of adventures to be added shortly


To see the conclusions to their adventures you will be able to buy the book

called "The Stories of Fred Pig and Friends"


Fred Pig